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Is your dryer vent malfunction, but you are not sure of what's going on? You need the help of professional cleaners. For that, Dryer Ducts Cleaning TX is always here for you! Our local dryer vent cleaning pro in Liberty, Texas, is always ready at your service; call now!


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The Cause Behind House Fires!

When it comes to your family & house protection, what worries you the most? Most of us in Liberty, Texas, invest in home security systems, fire alarms, & window locks! However, what we most neglect, focus on is the fire hazards! Being mindful of the fire threat is as important as your house security & safety!

One of the leading causes of house fires found inside your house & seems harmless is the clothes dryer! A dryer vent can cause you severe fires due to lack of cleaning! That's why Dryer Ducts Cleaning TX is always here to protect your house & family against any accident house fires! Give us a call for effective steam cleaning!

How To Determine You're At Risk?

If you want to determine whether your dryer is functioning correctly or not, there are specific signs that can tell you! The first sign is that your dryer does not fully dry up your clothes! You will find a musty or burning smell coming from your dryer after a normal drying cycle. The clothes feel hotter than usual after the normal process, and so the dryer itself.

There will be unusual lint amounts remains inside your dryer & your clothes! You will find that the lint trapper is overwhelmed with lint after a single cycle. All these signs are telling signs that need immediate entry from professional hands like Dryer Ducts Cleaning TX. Give us a call at any moment you notice any of these signs in Liberty, Texas.

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What To Do To Prevent Vent Fires!

If you want to avoid severe dryer vent house fires, there are specific steps you must follow to prevent this danger! First, you have to clean the lint filter before & after every load! You must run your dryer only if someone is home! Dryer fires can spread throughout the house when it's too late. Therefore, if you want to be safe, you have to follow these tips!

If your clothes as stained with cooking oil or flammable paint, you have to avoid drying them as you are putting a potentially explosive item into the dryer that can lead to dangerous consequences! Regular dryer vent cleaning is essential to prevent any risk. That's why Dryer Ducts Cleaning TX is always here! Count on us today in Liberty, Texas.

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